Washi Tape Sample Storage Pouch


Size: These are approx 105 x 75mm, the hold classic sized business cards, so will fit any samples that are wrapped around that size or smaller.

Material: They are faux PU leather.

Please note when you first receive them they will look like they've been folded off center, this is not a fault. Once they are filled up and have been used a bit, they will become more central and look more even. (see photo)

Storage depends completely on how thick each sample is.
(Right now mine is holding 20 samples, and I can just about close it)
Each pouch has 24 slots.

Colours may vary slightly in real life. All photos are taken under studio lighting.

This listing is for the storage pouch only. Cards to wrap washi around are not included.

Product Keywords: WASHITAPE, WASHI